Misol M&E is a transportation technology company with focus on the development and delivery of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions to the West African market. We offer a full range of ITS services from planning, architecture, design, standards development and deployment through program implementation.

In 2012, Misol M&E Ltd developed RoadPeer, Nigeria's first GPS-based traffic information application. The mobile app and website have been helping thousands of road users in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt make informed decisions about their journey by providing them with real-time crowd-sourced traffic information.


With an ever increasing population and a growing demand for safe, affordable and efficient transport and communications infrastructure, the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry plays a key role in our society and supports much needed economic regeneration. Millions of people need to travel every day, freight needs to move efficiently around the networks and thus a strong technology based transport infrastructure has become a necessity for modern cities.

Misol M&E Limited designs, markets, installs and maintains a portfolio of innovative traffic control and management products. Our solutions enhance road safety and help traffic professionals and local authorities to manage their transport networks and improve the traffic flow in congested urban and inter-urban areas.

Along with our partners, we have a proven track record of delivering reliable and innovative solutions that address challenging traffic management applications. We have the passion, understanding and experience to design and deliver a broad range of effective products and services; ensuring benefits to stakeholders and enabling government transportation infrastructural goals and requirements to be achieved.

Congestion Management

Maximising traffic flow to increase network efficiency, improve traveller safety and support journey time reliability.

Systems Integration

Increasing efficiencies through the integration of transport management technologies.

Traffic Management Systems

Effective and efficient coordination of vehicles and pedestrians across transport networks.

Consultancy Services

Supporting continual improvement and delivering tangible benefits through innovative solutions.


Effective communication of traffic information to road users is a core component of any Intelligent Transport System. Websites and mobile apps have become convenient ways for road users to access traffic information anywhere and anytime. With a large number of Nigerians using internet enabled smart-phones, the use of mobile applications has become wide spread.


At Misol M&E, we pride ourselves for being first and only Nigerian-based Company to develop a GPS-based traffic information app. RoadPeer our flagship product was released on the BlackBerry Platform in 2012. The following year, the RoadPeer Traffic Information website was launched.

RoadPeer is a FREE location-based Traffic Information mobile app for viewing and reporting traffic conditions on major roads in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. Since its release, RoadPeer has been helping thousands of road users make informed decisions about their journey by providing them with real-time crowd-sourced traffic information on their mobile phones.

With RoadPeer on a GPS-enabled smart phone, a user on any of the major roads in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt can report the traffic conditions on that road with just the click of a button on the phone. This approach ensures authenticity of traffic reports and prevents submission of spurious reports. 
RoadPeer automatically gathers user-reports and uses an intelligent programming algorithm to analyze and publish the most accurate traffic conditions to all its users real-time.

RoadPeer users can view traffic reports on the mobile app or website, chat and interact with one another within the application to share traffic information, travel tips and alternative routes.