MISOL Solutions

Enterprise Networking

The network infrastructure is the foundation that determines how quickly, efficiently and securely an organization can move information. A characteristic of today’s organization is abundance of information and information system. Frequently, information and its support technologies are regarded as the most valuable assets. Therefore management demands emphasize that information systems should demonstrate ever-enhancing quality, higher functionality, easier use, a shorter delivery period and ever improving services levels.
We will design the necessary architecture to support your Information Systems infrastructure requirements. Our team works with your company to define the voice and data network architecture requirements, specific to your environment. The process includes the following:

  • Define network and system architecture requirements
  • Present recommendation for hardware, software and communication equipment
  • Perform complete system review to ensure all hardware and software components meet availability requirements.
  • Review setup for operating system, database, application servers, web servers, load balancing, firewalls and links to the applications.
  • Define roles and responsibilities, including identification of dedicated support personnel.