MISOL Solutions

Project Management

The failure rate of IT projects is staggering. This is as a result of increase in the workload of IT professionals over the past few years. Cost cutting and hiring freezes have not diminished the need for IT projects in many organizations. IT professionals are expected to continue with their “regular” job (DBA, System Admin, Webmaster, programmer, Network or Application support) along with managing or taking part in new projects. Doing the same, or more, - with less.

Effective portfolio, program and project management can dramatically improve strategic business outcomes, while also supporting delivery to scope, budget and schedule. MISOL’s IT project management solution helps IT executives establish effective IT governance over both strategy and execution by providing increased visibility and improved decision making techniques associated with a dynamic budgeting process to enable realignment of expenditures.

This solution provides a set of pre-defined deliverables specific to IT business issue:

  • Recommended portfolio and IT process.
  • Cost and benefit structures with immediate graphical representation.
  • Typical investment categorization for analysis and prioritization.
  • Standard investment lifecycles stages.
  • Suggested user roles with security access rules.
  • Standard implementation approach including an assessment step designed to evaluate the solution against specific needs.

The pre-defined solution approach, combined with a phased implementation allows tangible benefits to be allowed in a short frame. Our solution will help you achieve:

  • Improved visibility and alignment of IT investments with the business strategy to better support the organization’s objectives.
  • Improved accuracy and speed of budgeting process for better allocation of capital and resources.
  • Simplified and integrated management of your desktops, servers and network components by offering visibility into the entire enterprise.

Our Project Management services provide cost effective, professional, multi-vendor, multi-location hardware and software solutions that ensure a timely delivery of your expansion. We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services for all critical systems and software put in place